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Egyptian lawyer files lawsuit to seize Qatari assets

Tue, Jul. 11, 2017
CAIRO – 11 July 2017: An Egyptian lawyer filed a lawsuit to Egypt's General Prosecutor Nabil Sadek on Tuesday to take the necessary measures to seize all Qatari assets in Egypt.

Lawyer Hazem Mustafa accused Qatar of violating international law, hosting a number of figures who were allegedly involved in terrorist acts in Egypt and supporting terror groups in the region.

He urged the general prosecutor to take the necessary measures to list Qatar and its institutions in Egypt among the list of state sponsors of terrorism - a list applied by the United States Department of State to countries that have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism. The inclusion on this list imposes strict sanctions on the countries convicted of supporting terrorism.

Mustafa said he seeks to compensate the Egyptian state for the economic, social and security damage caused by Qatar’s alleged support for terrorism.

Arab and Gulf countries, mainly Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, have accused Qatar of taking an “antagonist approach” towards their nations.

The Arab quartet severed their ties with Qatar, gave the Qatari ambassador 48 hours to leave their territories, and ordered their ambassadors in Qatar to return home.
The four countries also have sent Doha an ultimatum of 13 demands that should be carried out to end this standoff.

They also labeled 59 individuals and 12 organizations that have ties with Qatar as “terrorists”, and closed their airspace and maritime navigation to Qatari transportation in June.
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