Arab Music Ensemble of Cairo Opera to perform first time in Saudi Arabia

Mon, Apr. 23, 2018

The National Arab Music Ensemble of Cairo Opera House will perform two concerts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on April 25 and 26.

Discovery of Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ head, Osirian temple

Mon, Apr. 23, 2018

Two important discoveries occurred on Sunday – the discovery of a marble head of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in Aswan and an Osirian temple in Luxor.

‘Grand Hotel’ becomes first Arabic series on Netflix

Mon, Apr. 23, 2018

The Egyptian series "Grand Hotel" has just become the first Arabic series to ever be featured on Netflix.

Tourism to Egypt since January increased by 30%: minster

Tue, Apr. 24, 2018

Tourism Minister Rania al-Mashat said that the first quarter of 2018 saw a 30-percent increase in the number of tourists visiting Egypt compared to 2017.

The Ripple Effect of Buying Fake Goods

Mon, Apr. 23, 2018

While customers buy cheap, knockoff handbags or car parts regularly under the false belief that it is harmless, or just good spending sense, it may have more serious consequences than merely sacrificing quality. A business estimated at $0.5 trillion, the

Combatting Fake News

Sun, Apr. 15, 2018

Executive Director of Alex Media Forum Ahmed Essmat speaks about this year’s edition and how to combat fake news in media  

Fayoum: Chasing Waterfalls

Tue, Apr. 17, 2018

This lakeside retreat is a favorite among Cairenes and resident expats alike.