Synergy Productions returns with 3 new screenplays

Thu, Jun. 20, 2019

Following the success achieved by Synergy Productions and Distribution Company in Ramadan 2019, the company is currently planning for its “offseason” program.

All you need to know about Watch It digital platform

Thu, May. 9, 2019

United Media Services Group, headed by Tamer Morsi, announced the launch of a new digital media content platform named Watch it.

Egyptian TV, Watch iT's protocol respects copyrights: lawyer

Mon, May. 27, 2019

The National Media Authority announced signing a protocol, allowing video streaming app Watch iT to commercialize the archives of the Egyptian television.

Digitizing Health Information Exchange

Mon, Jun. 17, 2019

Incubated by Falak Startups, Bypa-ss is an Egyptian healthcare IT company working to enable clinics, hospitals, individuals and other healthcare providers to use digital Healthcare Information Exchange.

Introducing Digital Badging To Egypt

Tue, Jun. 18, 2019

Badgewell, currently being incubated by NUTech Space with the support of IBM, is a digital badging and business solutions company.

Changing the Startup Scene with Technology

Wed, Jun. 19, 2019

International tech companies have been playing a significant role in the startup scene in Egypt, such as IBM which has worked with hundreds of startups.