Radwa Ashour: A writer of stance

Sat, May. 26, 2018

Google is honoring the prominent modern Arabic literature icon, the late Egyptian author Radwa Ashour with a Google Doodle to celebrate the influential writer’s birthday on May 26.

Four Egyptian stars present new characters in Ramadan

Sat, May. 26, 2018

Four Egyptian stars are presenting new characters this Ramadan, achieving booming success and proving that creativity always lies outside the box.

Film mogul Weinstein appears handcuffed in court to face rape charges

Sat, May. 26, 2018

Film mogul Weinstein appears handcuffed in court to face rape charges.

Costa Rica's 'Little Jamaica' coast struggles to ride out climate storm

Sat, May. 26, 2018

As towering waves smashed onto Costa Rica’s Cocles beach, sucking away much of its sand, surf instructor Leo Downer was scared the coastal road, along with his Toyota car, would be washed into the Caribbean by the ferocious February storm.

Your guide to a healthy, guilt-free Ramadan

Sat, May. 19, 2018

Dr. Cherifa Aboul Fettouh shares with us all her secrets to remain fit and healthy throughout the holy month.

Hosting the Perfect Ramadan Gathering

Fri, May. 18, 2018

Catering experts at Yumamia and events planning guru Dina Iskander spill the beans on how to prepare and set up the perfect iftar or sohour

Ramadan Away from Home

Thu, May. 17, 2018

Arab expats share their stories celebrating the holy month in Egypt, fusing some of the most cherished traditions that characterize Ramadan in their countries with those of their new homes.