AFDB to disburse $500mn to Egypt within days

Fri, Sep. 21, 2018
International Cooperation Minister Sahar Nasr talks during an interview with Reuters in Cairo, Egypt, December 8, 2015. Egypt expects to receive $1.5 billion from the World Bank and African Development Bank by year-end to support the budget and could disc

The African Development Bank (AFDB) is currently taking all needed procedures to disburse the third and last tranche of its 1.5 billion dollar loan to Egypt

Cher turns back time with album of ABBA cover versions

Fri, Sep. 21, 2018

Cher turns back time with album of ABBA cover versions.

Ahmed Mekky’s 'Aghla Men al-Yaqout' achieves 1M views on YouTube

Fri, Sep. 21, 2018

“Aghla Men al-Yaqout” took almost all social media platforms by storm. The song is written, performed and directed by Mekky.

'Gold of the Pharaohs' exhibition in Monaco hits 80,000 visitors

Fri, Sep. 21, 2018

“The Gold of the Pharaohs” exhibition that ran at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco from July 7 to September 9, hit 80,000 visitors.

American rapper Flo Rida enjoys Giza Pyramids

Wed, Sep. 19, 2018

Many photos have been published of Flo Rida while visiting the thousands year old Giza Pyramids.

et bites: Dining at the euro-chic Marlyn’s

Mon, Aug. 13, 2018

A little piece of Europe, right in the heart of Heliopolis

Ghada Elabsy: Words That Matter

Sun, Aug. 12, 2018

Rising novelist, full-time physician and talented singer Ghada Elabsy recounts her journey to fame.

Opinion: Change is an evolution

Sat, Aug. 11, 2018

Lifestyle change is not a revolution, but rather a daily active process that is always challenging, especially if you want to transform many things at once.