Minister of culture to inaugurate Italian-Egyptian cultural events in Viterbo

Thu, Jun. 21, 2018

Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem headed on Thursday to Rome and Viterbo, Italy, to attend the opening ceremony of Italian-Egyptian cultural events.

Serbian National Museum to host roundtable on ancient Egypt

Thu, Jun. 21, 2018

The Serbian National Museum, the largest and oldest in the Balkans, will convene a roundtable titled "Ancient Egypt in Serbian Society" on July 12.

Paul McCartney to release new album, ‘Egypt Station’, on Sept.7

Thu, Jun. 21, 2018

English singer and songwriter Paul McCartney announced on Monday that his next album titled “Egypt Station” will be released on September 7, 2018.

195 million tourists likely to visit Arab region by 2030 - official

Thu, Jun. 21, 2018

Head of the Arab Tourism Organization Bandar bin Fahd al Fuhaid expected on Thursday that 195 million tourists will visit the Arab region by 2030, threefold the current number.

The Art of Confidence

Mon, Jun. 18, 2018

For leading plastic surgeon Karim Rafla, going under the knife should be all about becoming the most beautiful version of ourselves and feeling confident, rather than attempting to look different.

The Longstanding Egypt-Russia Cultural Connection

Sun, Jun. 17, 2018

From cinema to music, theater and literature, Egyptian culture takes much from the Russian tradition.

Finding their way to Umm El-Dunya

Sat, Jun. 16, 2018

We speak to longtime Russian residents in the capital and on the coastline about why they chose to stay put when other expats left.